I offer one-on-one personalized bass instruction for players of any age or ability level. Depending on the student and other variables, Skype/Face-Time sessions will be considered. Send me an email to discuss current rates and availability.


If you're a musician new to Nashville, a music student at a university, or a working player looking to expand your horizons and focus on special skills related to recording or live performance, I also offer mentoring/coaching services to help you expand your horizons and become a fully integrated musical artist!  During these sessions we can explore:

  • Ways to establish and/or develop your unique musical identity
  • The setting of concrete, achievable goals for yourself as a working musician
  • Getting work - and keeping it
  • Building confidence on stage and in the recording studio
  • Deepening your social and intuitive skills as they relate to interacting with other musicians and creatives
  • Establishing healthy life habits that support and enhance your artistry

Additionally, we will find opportunities to connect you with a select group of my professional musician colleagues who can supplement your learning experience by having you as a guest at recording sessions, personal meetups, etc.

I would love to provide you with the condensed perspective on being a working musician that I sought myself when I began playing professionally in 1993. Send me an email and let's get started!