Springtime affairs

Theres some great stuff going on this month thats taking the edge off of the post-spring break letdown new recordings with Derek Hoke, Brigitte DeMeyer, and Josh Farrow, plus a return trip to NYC on 23-25 April for more performances with Mario The Magician at Lincoln Center.

The new Kala U-Bass model I picked up from the Kala factory last month (solid mahogany, fretted, with an on-board preamp and Aquila Corde Silver Rumbler strings) made a very successful recorded debut yesterday on a couple of Derek Hoke tracks. Played through an Ampeg B-15, it suggested a warm and contained sonic explosion. Referring to the instrument at the Banff Centre last year, Emmylou Harris told our audience, Let it never again be said that size matters. Very well done, Kala, and many thanks again to the tech team for the tweaks to my fretless!


Milkshake & Minty give an impromptu performance of Adeles Rolling In The Deep on the family ukes as we rolled through Sugarloaf Ridge State Park headed for Sonoma, CA.

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