Merripennie EP RELEASED 

My dear friends Eleonore Denig, Jordan Brooke Hamlin, Cindy Morgan Brouwer, Stephen Leiweke, and myself have been storing this little project in the cellar for some time and have now decided that it's reached its peak of flavor! It pairs particularly well with a loved one. (;

You can purchase the Merripennie EP on Amazon, iTunes, etc.  Here's a video for the song "Trouble Magnet":


Danni Nicholls' BBC feature by "Whispering" Bob Harris 

Offering most sincere gratitude to Whispering Bob Harris for his spin (at 1:37:15) of "Long Road Home" by my buddy and collaborator Danni Nicholls, and for his generous support of her new "Mockingbird Lane" album which we recorded almost exactly one year ago right here in East Nashville!  You can hear the rest of Danni's new tunes here.

Aguilar Amp video 

My friends at Aguilar Amplification hosted me at The Artist Loft late last summer for a brief conversation about ways I approach bass playing within the framework of "Americana" music, and about how I use the Tone Hammer amps when doubling on electric and acoustic bass.  I'm most grateful to Dave Boonshoft, Marco Passarelli, Jay Denes, and all of the team at Aguilar for their hospitality and support, and of course for their exceptional bass amplifiers and cabinets which inspire me greatly:

Iris Dement Band - live photos 

Thanks to John Taber and The Center For The Arts in Grass Valley, CA, for these beautiful photos of our gig there last weekend:




Stream BEKEN - Troubadour at Afropop Worldwide 

I'm FOREVER grateful for my family, friends, and colleagues who've listened to me talk (since 2010!) about the Haitian folksinger Beken as we created his first album for international release. It's truly hard to believe that Troubadour will finally be released on Thirty Tigers this Monday, May 4.

And I'm ALSO grateful today for Afropop Worldwide, who has just presented the inaugural stream of the album which they describe as "fantastic" and "a warmly powerful work that presents Beken’s voice and guitar to a brand new audience."

Thank you for sharing this link and helping bring attention to this remarkably talented and resilient singer/composer/poet:

BEKEN album releases May 4 on Thirty Tigers Music 

After a long period of waiting and watching, I couldn't be more delighted to finally be able to announce the public release of the Beken project on Thirty Tigers Music!!

BEKEN - Troubadour releases on May 4, but The Utne Reader has just released a preview of the "Kote'w Te Ye (Where Have You Been)" track with accompanying English lyrics on its website.

To all my friends who worked long and hard to see this project come to fruition - I am very much in your debt and offer my most sincere thanks on behalf of all of our team in Haiti.

Felisitasyon, maestro!

Boulder Creek Acoustic Bass review  

Bass Musician Magazine just ran a review of the Boulder Creek EBR acoustic/electric bass I've been using and loving for the last six months.  Based on AEBs I've played in the past I hadn't felt any urgency to own one myself, but this one was too good to pass up for all the reasons I gave to the reviewer.  I use the 4-string model with D'addario XL Chrome flatwound strings for extra warmth and wooliness.  Here's the bass in action during a Tom Jones performance at the Bridge School Benefit Concert from last October:


R.I.P. Allen Juste 

Haitian music lost one of its most heart-achingly beautiful voices last week when Lakou Mizik vocalist and accordionist Allen Juste passed away suddenly during a hospitalization in Port-Au-Prince. (Allen's accordion is featured prominently on the soon-to-be-released Beken record I produced back in 2012 for Thirty Tigers.)

Allen's grieving wife and son desperately need our support right now, and fortunately my friends at Lakou Mizik have arranged a fantastic $1 minimum "pay-what-you-can" for Allen's song "Refleksyon" at the link posted below. Allen's wife and son will receive 100% of your generous donations.

"Refleksyon" has affected me profoundly on every listen since I first heard it over a year ago and I'm convinced it will do the same for you. I offer my most sincere thanks to you in advance on behalf of the Juste family and Lakou Mizik:


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